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This is an artist’s announcement!!!

Alright, you guys. First, I really want to thank the people who are following me!! UvU You’re all very wonderful and I seriously want to hug you all.

Second, you guys know you can pick the colors you want, right?? Because I don’t trust my self with that. :I Seriously. Pick some colors, unless you WANT me to make a dart board of the color chart.

And third, I feel I should have a certain name that isn’t my own affiliated with this blog. A pet name, if you will. But I’m clueless as to what it should be. Got suggestions?

Umm, I’m having one of those awkward moments when you realize that someone you knew from school still follows your personal…

And your ideologies have shifted drastically since you last saw them…

And trying to explain yourself would literally be the worst thing

So have a “Whoops”.

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